Our Story

This site was started when we discovered that there was very little offered for women who wanted to express their VBAC journey in a positive manner. We have come a long way from those first few months. We have expanded our line to include fun designs for children and a little bit of snark for moms with a sense of humor. We hope you find something you like and have a bit of a chuckle in the process. 

Our VBAC Mission

We are a site dedicated to promoting a positive message about a woman's choice to VBAC.  Mommies, sisters, aunties, friends...there is something here for everyone.  We invite you to view our products and hope you will find something to help you or a loved one celebrate this special accomplishment. 

A woman should never be made to feel badly about her birth choice. Click on the links to the left to see the design that best fits your story


Children's Designs

Over time, we have expanded our children's line beyond the VBAC message to include the fun, the whimsical and the tongue-in-cheek.

Just For Fun

This section is for our more adventerous parents. Here you find the snarky side of the Shark and Cat. These designs are not for everyone, and they are to be viewed at your own risk.